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We can adjust to the kind of run you are requiring

High or continuous volume production runs that will help our clients to meet the requirements of their continuous demand programs.

Low volume production runs that will satisfy the requirements of urgent material or not-forcasted production peaks, as well as lot production for special projects.

We also offer the reception of our customers molds to produce their pieces in any moment that their production schedule is full and their own injection machines are not enough.


Machine Capacity

  • 1 Demag 120 Ton 2-shot
  • 1 Demag 35 Ton 1-shot
  • 1 Engel 145 Ton 1-shot
  • 1 Demag 135 Ton 1-shot
  • 1 Engel 40 Ton 1-shot
  • 1 Engel 100 Ton 1-shot
  • 1 Haitian 120 Ton 1-shot
  • 1 Demag 150 Ton 1-shot
  • 1 Demag 135 Ton 1-shot
  • 1 Demag 465 Ton 1-shot with Sprue Picker
  • 8 Sumitomo 286 Ton 1-shot
  • 1 Battenfeld 300 Ton 1-shot with a Robot

Other Equipment

  • 5 Dryers
  • 3 Centralized cooling systems
  • 15 Loaders
  • 6 Thermoregulators

JIT Deliveries

  • AZPotosina has the ability to deliver your Just In Time requirements. This allows our clients to keep low inventories.

Design Solutions

  • We give design solutions to our customers depending on the utilization of the piece.
  • Allied with our suppliers, we can support our customers for designing or re-designing their molds as well as their start of production of their new pieces.

Traceability and Corrective Actions

  • We have a quality system that guarantees the traceability of the finished goods, this allow us the quick generation of corrective actions when required, as well as it also helps in the creation of lessons learned that enable the continuous improvement in our processes.

Our Company is certified in IATF 16949:2016

Our Company is certified in ISO 9001:2015

  • We are certified in IATF 16949:2016., guaranteed by DNV-GL..